European Young Chef Award 2016

Young Chef Award


Young Chef Award is a competition organized and promoted by the International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Art and Tourism (IGCAT) and EUHT StPOL.

It will include a competition between finalists of regional competitions from around Europe, judged by star chefs and international experts.

The aims of the Award are to:

Promote innovations on traditional cuisine

Local food cultures are an important source of innovation. Traditions developed over centuries from the vital ‘DNA’ of food cultures and regional gastronomy as well as local knowledge is, therefore, an important potential source of innovative products and experiences.

Highlight sustainable food cultures
Sustainable local, regional and global food systems are important for all our futures. The European Young Chef Award, therefore, aims to stimulate debate about sustainable food and gastronomy practices, production and consumption.

Create future ambassadors for local food products
Local food products are often unique to the territory from which they come. Likewise, regional culture creates a distinction that underlines the added value of local products. By giving visibility to emerging chefs that support local products, it is hoped to contribute to a more sustainable and better quality of food experiences.

Open Calls 2017

The European Young Chef Award 2017 will take place on 5-6 November in Sant Pol de Mar.

Open to full time culinary arts students in the partnernship of the European Regions of Gastronomy Platform as well as other regions, aged between 18-26 years.

The European Young Chef Award would is open to all both male and female chefs and regions are asked to encourage applications from female chefs.

Deadline 30 September 2017

The candidate must be selected and approved by a regional partner stakeholder group, preferably in collaboration with an institution that has held a local competition.


Individual kitchens will be provided for upto 10 finalists to work in and hotel accommodation is available on site for regional finalists and accompanying persons.

Contest Rules

The Rules for Young Chef Award might be adapted according to the hosting institution and IGCAT for each edition.

The European Young Chef Award 2017 rules are:

1. The dish must be inspired by the theme: Innovation on Tradition.

2. The deadline for submitting an application is 30 September 2017.

3. EUHTStPol and IGCAT reserve the right to select 10 finalists that will compete in the European final 2017. By 15 October finalists will have their participation confirmed and be sent details to organise their travel and hotel.

4. The dish presented in the competition must use seasonal and local products, found in the markets of the region being represented. Plates should demonstrate innovation on a traditional recipe. The students will be asked to explain or demonstrate the innovative element(s) of their dish.

5. The day before the competition, the European finalists will be asked to make 5 plates of the traditional dish selected (as it would be presented in local homes/restaurants). They will be given 10-15 minutes to present their plates and the local ingredients to their fellow competitors.

6. Each plate will be divided into 6 small tastes so that all finalists will be able to taste one another’s dishes and learn about the local products used. This is an opportunity for networking and learning about the importance of the diversity of local food products.

7. On the day of the competition, the European finalist will make 4 portions of an innovation on the dish selected.

8. All recipes will be made within an affordable budget. Raw materials and ingredients should not exceed 16€ for four people. In the case of using liquid nitrogen, the cost will also be 16€ included in the cost of the dish.

9. In no event can the preparation of the dish exceed 2 hours and 30 minutes from start to completion (between 9:30h and 12:00h).

10. The jury will observe the preparation and outcome of the plate.

11. Participants must present the dish prepared and selected by the regional institution that sent them.

12. The jury will consider the presentation an essential part of the competition and participants are asked to prepare a story that links the dish to the region that it comes from. The presentation should be given in English. Therefore, the chef may be assisted by one person from the region that can act as ‘front of house’ and support the chef in introducing and presenting the dish.

13. Each team will have a maximum of 3 minutes to present the dish and be expected to answer questions from the jury.

14. Each region should prepare a 2-3 minute video that will be shown after the presentation and that should give emphasis to the agricultural landscape, heritage and cultural characteristics of the region. Preferably it will also introduce the story of the finalist, how he/she was selected and refer to the local products being used for the dish. The video either needs to be in English and/or have subtitles in English.

15. The finalists will wear uniform throughout the competition process using the following suits: jacket kitchen, trousers and hat cooking kitchen. An apron will be provided by EUHTStPOL.

16. The jury’s verdict is final.


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